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Pack-Sondages - individual license (1 post)


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This software allows for the creation of samples (on internal control and accounts) using statistical laws, while incorporating the confidence already gained through a risk-based approach and previous work.

The innovation lies in the conceptualization and implementation of integrating the confidence gained by the professional during the determination of the confidence level used for calculating the sample size.

A second innovation is found in the method used to extract the sample and conduct the test.

This unique method (PIRON© method)

  • is based on monetary units
  • unlike other methods, it fully respects the binomial law.

The survey conclusion, which is automatically generated by the software, is based on a scientific approach (using a statistical law) combined with the consideration of the confidence already gained by the professional.

This approach greatly reduces the sample size that needs to be worked on.

The survey pack includes three main forms:

  • internal control
  • account control
  • sample extraction (with 3 possible methods).

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