Perform real statistical audit sampling in compliance with international standards

ISA 530, OHADA, PCAOB AS 2315...

The Solution:  PACK-SONDAGES

The sofware allows you to conduct real statistical sampling on your files or databases, both in testing internal control procedures and in substantive controls.

Software that allows you to conduct sampling (on internal control and accounts) using statistical laws by integrating the confidence already acquired by the risk-based approach and the work already done.

The innovation here lies in the conceptualization and implementation of integrating confidence already acquired by the professional when determining the degree of confidence used for calculating the sample size.

A second innovation lies in the method used to extract the sample and conduct the test.

This novel method (PIRON© method)

  • is based on monetary units
  • allows, unlike others, to fully respect the binomial law.

The sampling conclusion, automatically drafted by the software, is based on a scientific approach (use of a statistical law) combined with the consideration of the confidence already acquired by the professional. This approach significantly reduces the size of the sample to be worked on.

The PACK-SONDAGES includes three main forms:

  • internal control
  • account control
  • sampling (with 3 possible methods).